Don't drown - Float


Can’t wait for mom to come home with the bankcard so I can transfer money to PayPal to order the goggles from Andie’s store ;v;

For some reason when I think of Aoba and Mink as parents I just see Mink seeing a small kid alone in the forest bc its parents are actually camping but he got lost and Mink just takes him home and takes care of him all day and Aoba comes back to see Mink packing all their shit. So he asks Mink what the heck he’s doing and he just goes “We have a kid now so we need to move to a more child appropriate environment” and Aoba just kind of goes with it bc he’s been dealing with Mink’s shit since forever.


there was that time when I shipped Tsumugu with Hikari

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Two weeaboo shitbabies in the bus talking about vocaloids and anime. I wish I still was this passionate about… Anything.